LLB Ronda Team

The LLB Ronda is a 24 hours patrol team provided by LLB to assist road users in any road difficulty along the highway such as accidents, vehicle breakdown and any emergency cases.
The service provided by LLB Ronda is free and you do not have to worry if there's any problems as LLB Ronda is ever ready to assist. The LLB Ronda that is available around the clock can be contacted at the LLB Helpline at 04-329 9999.

LLB Rest & Service Area



LLB Rest & Service Area is a complete one-stop haven for users as it offers an array of facilities for highway users. RSA facilities such as fast food restaurants, food stalls, wakaf and petrol stations are available.
Public facilities such as clean public restrooms, telephones, surau and parking bays can also be found at the RSA for convenience. With its beautiful landscape, the RSA are situated strategically along the Pantai Bersih (at Bagan Ajam Toll Plaza) to enable users to drop by at anytime of the day.
LLB has the only Rest & Service Area in the country by the sea with a panoramic day and night view of Penang Island. It is now a popular happening place especially  during countdown to Merdeka and New Year celebrations where fireworks display at Penang Island could be comfortably viewed and appreciated at the Rest & Service Area.


Touch 'n Go

Highway users can reload their Touch 'n Go at our Point of Sale at Admin. Block, Bagan Ajam Toll Plaza from 9.00am to 5.00pm (Monday to Friday). Closed on public holidays.

Now highway users can also reload their Touch 'n Go at our Reload Lane. Located at Prai Toll Plaza (Sg Dua Bound) & Sg Nyior Toll Plaza (Seberang Jaya Bound). Opened everyday from 10.00am to 10.00pm.